After we discuss the project I will send you a rough sketch for approval. You will make sure it matches your vision and  I will correct it if needed.
In a couple of days (depending on project and medium used) you will receive the finished art in a high resolution jpeg or whichever you prefer – ready to be printed  and shown to the world. All payments are fast and secure using PayPal or an E-Transfer and the safety of your idea is guaranteed. Payments can be made as well with whatever you want best.

  1. You send the design description/image and any other notes on colour, fabric, medium preferred etc.
  2. I send the rough draft with suggestions and ideas on what is best to use for approval
  3. Corrections are made if needed
  4. Contract is signed and estimate is made
  5. A deposit is made using the best option for you
  6. You receive the finished illustration in jpeg. or whichever format indicated
  7. Color correction and small adjustments are free
  8. Full payment made using the best option for you

How to Hire Me?

A fashion illustrator’s job is to find the most appropriate and realistic, practical way to present the ideas generated by the designer. Professionally drawn fashion illustrations can be used to communicate the designers styles to investors, manufacturers or potential clients. If you are a designer, blogger or a creative individual with a creative idea in your mind  but don't know where to begin here is what I can do for you:

  • Collections
  • Magazines
  • Covers
  • Advertisements
  • Singles of any type of garments
  • Male and  female
  • Accessories
  • Technicals/flats
  • Gift Illustrations
  • Portrait illustrations
Maxine Archambault Designer & Illustrator

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How Much will it Cost?

How it works...

Pricing will all depend on the design and what kind of medium is used to finish the illustration. I usually charge $20/hour and then extra for any special renderings like paint, pastel, or computer aided. I also add my logo to each page, if you want your logo or something else on the page a $10 charge will be added, but I always ask that I get mentioned when posting on social media or anywhere else.

As always costs are VERY NEGOTIABLE, I will work with you and your budget. If we work as a team together as well we can set up some kind of contract/agreement that will fit your budget.

Please do not hesitate to suggest your own payment rates.

Are you looking for a fashion illustrator to hire?

Just send me a message with a short description of what you need and how you imagine it to be, even send some images if need be. I will be in touch to discuss further what we can do!

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