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What is my Background?

I have my Ontario College Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design with multiple awards in Fashion Design. 

Ever since I was little girl I have always been the best artist in class and always loved to draw.  I dream of becoming a well known fashion illustrator/designer helping talented people all around the world helping them express themselves through illustrations that are sure to wow!

Who Am I?

My name is Maxine. I am a creative, well rounded fashion designer with a strong background in art and illustration. I help creative souls express themselves through breath taking realistic hand drawn or computer aided fashion illustrations as well as design and produce fashions that will make any woman feel luxurious and beautiful.

Like what you see?

view my Work. Then, let my Paint Brush tell your story.

What Do I Do?

I use all materials to render my illustrations. The medium used depends on the garment style and the client.

  • For completely hand rendered illustrations - I use watercolour, Prisma Color Markers, Pencil Crayons, Ink, Pastel, Paint and Pen.
  • I also like to use digital media to create fashion illustrations. It gives a polished, refined look of digital painting without using all sorts of mediums.

I always try to give my girls a realistic, bold and sexy look that makes a design or an idea more appealing and practical to the viewer.

Maxine Archambault Designer & Illustrator

Maxine Archambault

Fashion Designer & Freelance Fashion Illustrator

Skills Include

Fashion Illustrations

Costume Illustrations

​Bridal Illustrations

Swimwear Illustrations

Portrait Illustrations

Accessory Illustrations


Fashion Design

Pattern making (Manual/CAD)

​Tech./Spec. Packs

Adobe Illustrations & Photoshoot